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                     One-Act Plays for Schools, Colleges and Community Theatres
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(Non-musical / one act / 30-45 minutes / 28-page script one simple set / choice of large background cast)

If you like the Arabian Nights, 
you will love "Arabian Dreams!" 

Long ago and far away, a tiny Arabian country lives in peace ... famous for its natural abundance, material wealth, and the amazing women who grace the land.

Their tranquility is threatened when the new young king of a powerful empire plans to invade, take everything they worked for, and change their way of life forever.

A great combination of comedy and drama, audiences and students will love this delightful play!
Synopsis of "Arabian Dreams"
(Non-musical / one act / 15-30 minutes / 13-page script one simple set / choice of large background cast)

Adapted from Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream," this is a perfect play for young actors to experience this classic, entertaining comedy!

An enchanted forest, a few star-crossed humans, and fairies all around . . . what could be more fun? Things get pretty crazy when the queen and king of the fairies get involved, try to help the humans, and ask a very mischievous fairy to assist.

A fun, classic story for audiences and students! 

Synopsis of "A Midsummer Night's Dream"